Into the Blogosphere

Well. I’ve got a blog so why not use it.
I doubt anyone will be interested in reading it regularly but I think this will be a good way for me to record my thoughts, rambling and events of interest to me that hove occured.
So what’s been happening? here is the wrap on my weekend…
  • Karen and I were supposed to have a DTT talk reviewed over the weekend but it got postponed.
  • Saturday was basically spent at the Barrett boys soccer games. Brent’s team won their match against Unanderra 3-nil, Michael’s team won their match against Unanderra 5-1 and my team (Wollongong Church of Christ) won its against Figtree Anglican 2-nil.
  • We went to Church (Figtree Anglican) on Saturday night heard Bruce Clarke talk about Contentment.  Interesting. Be content where you are at, with where God has placed you.
  • We went back to Church again Sunday morning to hear the band Sons of Korah play. Fantastic!!! if you ever get a chance to see them live take it. They play a variety of styles, are hugely talented musicians and the way the bring the Psalms to life with contemporary music is terrific.
  • Sunday afternoon was spent as a family walking around Bass Point and Bushrangers bay. The weather was beautiful as was the area.

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