VSTO 2005 and server generated Word documents (part 2)

Well after googling my fingers off, reading every VSTO blog I could find it seems the bottom line is I can’t do what I thought would be possible with VSTO 2005. That is, I can’t generate the Word document completely on the server and just display the final version to the end user. VSTO will allow you to populate data islands within the document but not run any of the assoicated .NET  assemblies  that I’ve written to implement the busines rules such as traffic light colouring of parts of the document based on values delivered from the database. THe final result is that now I have the Word document acessible as a link on the web server which the user then clicks to download it. Upon download Word runs the statup code and I can call the relevant methods. The problem with this approach is that the users now have to ave the .NET 2 runtime installed as well as the Primary interop assemblies and the VSTO runtime for Office. So now I’m looking whether I can build an installe dthat will install these for the user the first time they access the document.

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