Easter. For many it’s the last big long weekend until June but for Christians it’s a very special time. Its not about bunnies and easter eggs. It’s about a demonstration of love so awesome that it is still touching people today. To think that the God of all creation loves you and I so much that he would step into this broken world, experience life with us and then suffer and die a horrible, tortured death to pay the penalty for our offences. Because of Jesus’ death we are forgiven but then because he  rose to life a few days later we can have confidence that he has conquered death and as a result we can have enternal life with him. There’s no more guilt, no sting in death because of God’s grace we will
There doesn’t seem to be any doubt that Jesus existed and from what I’ve read there is a wealth of historical corroboration to show he did the things described in the Bible. Even if you want to ignore the Bible as a historical document there are many Roman and Jewish documents that inidcate this. The archaelogical evidence for crucifiction shows it was a particularly horrible punishment, just as the Bible describes it. I guess the evidence is there, a lot more evidence for Jesus that there is for some of the ‘great’ historical events of the ancient world but the difference is that in the case of Jesus its evidence that demands a verdict. Who do you think he is? Someone has said that he had to be one of three things a Lunatic, a Liar or as he claimed Lord. I’m certain he is Lord and God.

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