My Easter travels

Well we didn’t go away for the long weekend for  holiday but we weren’t home much!
On Thursday evening we went to church at Figtree Anglican Church for the Easter service. This year instead of running 2 Good Friday services on Friday morning they decided to run one service Thursday evening and one Friday morning. The service was terrific and Rod Irvines talk culminated with the phrase that because of Jesus ‘The Goat has left the building’ referring to the fact that our sins have been cast on Jesus as the sacrifice of atonement which is a reflection of the original practice in ancient Israel where a goat was the sacrifice of atonement and was taken outside the camp/city to a sign that the peoples sins had been taken away by its sacrifice. Jesus was taken outside of Jerusalem before being crucified.
Friday we spent at home an getting ready to go to Sydney for the Royal Agricultural ‘Easter’ Show on Saturday. We travelled up and spent the night at Karen’s parents on Friday night to enable us to get an early start at the RAS. Because we had been so busy during the week I hadn’t organised the discounted show tickets I had access to through API, nor had I arranged the P1 parking tickets. Arrgh. We took ou chances and got there while there were still some casual P1 parking spaces still available at 8am. By the time we got organised, queued and bought our tickets it was 8:30 before we got in the gates. We spent the entire day and visited the Show Bag pavillion, the pet pavillion where there were lots of breeds of dogs being shown, the Wood Chop, The Hub where the kids were given a booklet that they could take around the displays and get stamped, the Pigs, the horses, some equestrian events, the Fruit and Veg displays, the produce displays (lots of free samples there), the art and craft pavillion, sideshow alley where the kids won some soft cuddly toys and finally around 4:30pm we settled down in some good seats in the NAB stadium in preparation for the evenings entertainment.
During the evening we were entertained by displays of period horse and carriage parades, prize winning cattle parades (some of those bulls are HUGE!), the Roughriders (skilled horse and riders) demonstrating their skills. at one point 4 Commodore utes came into the stadiium and the Roughriders rounded them up like cattle. When one escaped the chased it and brought it back to the ‘herd’ Well done and very entertaining. There was a final of the Australia vs New Zealand Wood Chop Relay where the Kiwis just beat us. Following this they set up a corral in the stadium and proceeded to hold a NSW vs QLD rodeo. QLD won by a couple of points. I think there will be some very sore rodeo riders at the moment! After the rodeo a clown came into the stadium and performed while they pulled apart the corral and set up a series of ramps and jumps in preparation for the ‘Extreme Corruption’ show. The clown was hilarious and had the whole staium entertained for a good half hour trying to get his car started. The ‘Extreme Corruption’ involved for riders from the Crusty Demons performing stunts and jumps as well as the Commodore utes doing a series of precision driving stunts, crossovers and jumps. Awesome all round. The full flip, motor cycle and all in mid air just in front of us was terrific. The evening entertainment then concluded around 9:15pm with a spectacular fireworks display that went on for much longer that we had been expecting. BY the time we got back to our car we have spent nearly 14 hours at the show. Although it was expensive to get in fro a family of 5 I think we ended up getting our moneys worth.
Sunday morning we visted Menai Salvation Army church for a lovely Easter Sunday service. Afterwards we went back to Karen’s parents place for lunch and just relaxed for the rest of the day. we headed back to the Gong in time for dinner. Monday we did a few things around the house in the morning and then in the afternoon we drove up to the orchards at the back of Mount Kembla. If you’ve never been there it’s worth a visit occasionally. Apples are in season at the moment and we tried a numberof varieties like Fuji, Jonathon, Delicious, Wine Sap etc. The apples have no waxy coating and are fresh picked.  You can buy by the bucket and a overfull buck ot Fuji or Jonathon cost $6. The Wine Sap was only a $1 more expensive. Exellent value and beautiful tasting apples. After exploring the dirt roads around there for a while we headed back home to drop off the apples and pick up Josie, our black Labarador. We took Josie down to Wollongong City beach where from WIN Stadium south is a designated ‘off leash’. She had a ball and we walked with her almost all the way down to the first breakwall.

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