070-300 success, MCP

Thankfully I passed the 070-300 exam  (Analysing Requirements and Defining .NET Solution Architectures) on my second attempt.Although I had done a fair bit of prep I don’t think I had done enough sample exam prep the first time around. I found that the questions were usually worded such that you could answer a couple of different ways but if you didn’t answer it  in the most literal sense from the given case study then you were marked incorrect. After failing the first time I just did heaps of sample exams. Transcender ( which work paid for) and TestKing (which I paid for) probably gave me a much better understanding of what MS were looking for in the answers. While missing a pass mark of 700 about by one or two questions on the first exam I got a score of 868 out of 1000 the second time around.
With this under my belt I now have the illustrious qualification of MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and a start down the path to MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer). I think the next exam I start prep for is 070-229 (SQL Server Database Design and Implementation.)

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