Thinking of VoIP for our home phone?

We’ve been seriously considering moving to voice over IP technology( e.g. Engin or MyNetFone) for all our in and out bound calls at home. We’ve done some calculations based on our current telephone bills, which contain a large component of STD calls to family outside Wollongong, and even taking into account we will
  • buy a wireless router with VoIP
  • a wireless broadband modem (for connection to FishTelecomm Etherwave) which we will self install
  • pay $9.95 a month VoIP subscription through someone like Engin
  • pay $39.95 for wrieless broadband with a 5Gb monthly download limit

we will still spend the same if not a little less that we do currently per year for a telephone bill through Telstra. This is even considering we are on a plan with Telstra that gives us 99 cent for 3 hrs calls to family within 100Kms (which is %99 of our calls). Once we get this up and running we will disconnect from Telstra completely and just use our mobiles in case of emergencies.

The only thing holding us back at the moment is that we can’t transfer our current telephone number across yet. Local Number Portability is coming but at least Engin have no idea how long it will be before they offer it.


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