Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? I have to ask my self the question sometimes and there are times when we need to stop and reflect on what we spend our time on as well. The last few weeks have been like this. Two weeks ago I spent the week in Brisbane on a SharePoint 2007 RDP project for a customer of CSC. The Sunday before I took the my sons to see Sydney FC play Perth Glory at WIN Stadium in Wollongong. The following Sunday I spent the entire day at Oran Park with my sons watching the V8 Supercars. Last week was spent away from home again at TechEd06 which was terrific and I’ll post about another time. In amongst this my 87 year old Grandmother’s health went down hill after a fall. She was admitted to hospital and then checked out after a few days. She returned to the nursing home but not long after we got a call saying they didn’t expect her to live long. She hung on for another week but last Saturday morning at 6am she passed away. I’m going to miss her.
Heather June Doyle, 14/2/1919 – 26/8/2006, born at Lithgow, NSW. She is survived byher husband George Doyle. She was the mother of Pam (deceased), John, Wendy (deceased) and Penny (my Mum).
It certainly helps put things in perspective! What are you spending your time on that has eternal significance?

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