Recent WDNUG Presentation

I presented at the Septmber Wollongong .NET Users Group on Wednesday the 13th. The evening was supposed to have 5 speakers presenting on highlights from Tech.Ed 2006, technology or tools that excited or impacted them. By the afternoon of the 13th 4 of the speakers had pulled out due to sickness or work commitments which left me to fill in the rest of the night. Thankfully there is SO much great new stuff in SharePoint 2007 this didn’t really present a problem. Due to the change in time available I ‘re-used’ a Tech.Ed presentation, trimmed it down and added a bit more around what’s required for .NET developers. Due to the probable lack of newtork access from the presentation venue I also removed all demos.
Here is a copy of the presentation I finally gave. The whole thing was well received and the guys have already asked for follow-up presentation looking at InfoPath Forms Server, Excel Services and workflow in more depth.

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