Creating site templates

Well I’m back from holidays and into the thick of it again with a number of MOSS projects underway and lots of opportunies coming in.
To start off the year I thought I’d post up this tid bit of info on creating site tempaltes at any level withing the site heirarchy.
In MOSS the option "Create Site template" exists only on the top level. This option is not included in the list of available options on a sub site level. However, there is a workaround….

Create your site (any level) and once you are happy with , change URL in your browser to: http:/server/sitename/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx

You will now be given an option to save the site as a template.

Don’t forget to choose "Include content" option if you wish to retain content you’ve loaded into the site.

The new template will appear in Site Template gallery and will be available on every level of the portal.

There is a downside. The template appears in the Collaboration tab (when you Create Site). I couldn’t figure out how to move it to another tab. I guess the template is loaded into database and the system gets information about it from the DB. If you know how to move it let me know.


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