Upgrade to MOSS CTP

Well the upgrades from MOSS B2TR to the CTP are now well underway and generally going well. We approached this upgrade with a little aprehension as we had a fair bit of content and configuration in place across 3 geographically dispersed locations and also differing MOSS architectures (a large farm at one site, Standalone implementation consuming some services from the farm and a completely standalone implementation at another site. We had also done a fair bit of additional config for search, audiences etc. and had a number of unresolved problems with B2TR on the farm environment which we had been unable to resolve. After discussions with John H and Angus from Microsoft we decided that we would uninstall B2TR on the farm and the reinstall a fresh copy of the CTP to ensure we didn’t inherit any of these problems through an upgrade in place.
There is a lot of information available both from Microsoft and on various blogs regarding upgrading to the CTP but none that directly addressed what we were doing. In the end I followed the steps in this TechNet article and dropped those that were aimed at allowing the reconnection of the old config database, specifically renaming the DSN registry entry for ConfigDB.
We did have problems on some of the servers running the unistall but found that if you run a repair of the installation and immediately rerun the uninstall it usually worked fine after that. We also found that in a couple of instance the uninstall wouldn’t work unless we used the same account that it was installed with! go figure that one?

Once we had installed a fresh copy of the CTP we rebuilt the config of the farm, the SSP, search, profiles, audiences etc manually an then reloaded the SharePoint sites from SharePoint backups taken prior to the upgrade.

So the end result is:

  • The problem with My Sites not working at all has been completely fixed. My Sites work like dream and are being indexed into Search as well;
  • The issues we were having with search (crawls never finishing, content not appearing, ranking not working) are gone as well.
  • We also have crawling and indexing distributed and running successfully on one server in the farm with the remaining services running on other servers.
  • I’ve even noticed that we can now add Distribution lists as the basis for audiences which as much as I tried to get it to work under B2 and the TR it just wouldn’t.

I’ve still got one small issue that I’m not sure how to fix or why its occuring. Through central admin I have created and updated 3 additional scopes but the drop down scope menu next to the search box on the portal site is only showing "This Site" and "This List" and not even the standard "All Sites"/"people" scopes. When I go to the Site Actions/Site Settings the usual 3 menu items for Search under Site Collection Admin aren’t there (Search Settings, Search Scopes and Search Keywords). I’ll post back here when I’ve found a resolution to this problem.


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