Error Creating Site Collection

Had an interesting problem occur on a number of separate SharePoint 2007 servers today.
I was trying to create a new web application and on on both of the servers I received the following error
Sharepoint path specified cannot be used at this time. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070094)
The web application looked like it was created but I was unable to create a new Site Collection within it. I tried a number of different things to resolve the problem to no avail. The only issue related tot he error when I googled it was associated with .NET 2.0. We have .NET  3.0 installed.
In the end I did an iisreset on both servers and created the new web application so that it shared an existing application pool rather than create a new one and it was created with no error. Go figure?
Alternatively I have found that if you create a new Application Pool and use this to create your new Web Application it works fine. The following steps cover how to do this.
  • open IIS Manager and create new Application Pool. Creating one based on the default pool is fine. 
  • open the Properties of the newly created Application Pool;
  • select the Identity tab and configure Application Pool Identity to the account used by SharePoint;
  • click OK and close the properties window;
  • close IIS Manager;
  • return to Central Admin and under Application Management select Create or Extend a Web Application.
  • Fill in the relevant details and you can now select the new Application Pool you created above when creating the new Web Application.
  • The new web application should be created without problems and you can continue on to create a new Site Collection within the new Web Application.

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