SharePoint Disaster Recovery

If you’re implementing or even just planning on implementing a MOSS environment at some point the issue of Disaster Recover will come up. You can set up a backup regime that will take care of a catastrophic loss of part or all of the infrastructure but this doesn’t help for those mini disasters where a more granular approach is required to recover a single site or asset from within a site.
After a little investiagtion I’ve found the following third party products will provided this more granular backup and recover capability…


  • AvePoint: for SharePoint farm and more granular backup and recovery for MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0. The tool is called DocAve 4.1.

  • Commvault: for SharePoint Farm backup and granular recovery although its not clear from a cursoryuu browse of their site if it’s possible to recover on a site by site basis.

  • Neverfail: for high availability and Disaster Recovery solutions. Includes MOSS monitoring capability as well.
  • Quest: Compressed database backup with Litespeed and Recovery Manager for SPS 2003 and MOSS 2007.


If you want to read more about this issue Joel Oleson has a excellent blog entry on this and other disaster recovery scenarios.

Update: I’ve recently become aware that Idera also have a good product in this space too…



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2 responses to “SharePoint Disaster Recovery

  1. Ilia

    Hi Kirk,
    Thank you for linking to our white paper on SharePoint Recovery Backup and Challenges!
    I work as a Program Manager on this product (Quest Recovery Manager for SharePoint) and just wanted to comment about your note. You are right about the compressed database backups from Quest LiteSpeed, but we do so much more there! The main idea is to help the IT Administrator quickly and efficiently find and restore documents or items or lists or sites that users delete.
    Recovery Manager allows you to browse and search for items within the solid backup of the SharePoint content database, without restoring the database. You can restore items with any level of granularity, from single document or list item up to a site collection. You can retrieve data from either native SQL Server or SharePoint backup, or the Quest LiteSpeed backups. All you need is just the backup of the database available, no need for additional item-level or smigrate backups.
    Also, there is no requirement for SharePoint to be up and running, we can help you find the documents in emergency situations before entire farm gets back online, or retrieve important data from old backups.
    I hope you find this information useful.

  2. Kirk

    Thanks for the additional information Ilia. Great to see such a rapid pickup on this from you guys.

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