Glenwood Baptist Day to Treasure a Success

Karen and I spoke at another A Day To Treasure event recently (Saturday 20th) in Sydney at Emmanuel Baptist at Glenwood. We again had the real pleasure of presenting with Peter and Lynn Menhennitt. What a wonderful couple they are and a joy to work with!
There were 28 couples there on the day and the organisers were disappointed as there were another 3 couples that failed to show on the day. Two of the couples attending were Pastors from other churches in the area.
Emmanuel Baptist put on a terrific day, their morning and afternoon tea spreads were quite something. I don’t think any of the speaker team had ever seen so much food ata  DTT seminar before! The lunch was served in a dining room arrangement and was absolutely huge.
We all felt that God was really at work in the lives of those attending and the feedback backed this up with many comments about how much they had got out of the day and how their marriages were blessed as a result.
Our next DTT will be on the 17th of November at the Lighthouse Church in our home town of Wollongong. We will be presenting with Leigh and Merri Roberts, old friends and another wonderful speaker couple. This will be our last DTT for the year.



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