Relocating Migrated Workspaces in Project Server

As part of the work to migrate from an existing Project Server 2003/WSS 2.0 implementation to a new Project Server 2007 and Sharepoint Server 2007 Enterprise Edition implementation we are migrating all of the current projects and their associated workspaces across to the new environment. Following the Mircosoft documentation leaves us with our migrated workspaces set up as individual Site Collections residing under the path http://projectserver/sites/…  but if we create new projects their workspaces are provisioned under the PWA path http://projectserver/pwa/… and are created as sites within the same Site Collection as the PWA installation. What we really want is for the migrated workspaces to be co-located with the new workspaces within the same site collection. Here is the process we came up with for doing this relocation…
  1. Open the site to be relocated with SharePoint Designer. You will need to ensure you have full control on the site.
  2. Check that the site does not contain more than 25Mb of content stored in any libraries as SharePoint Designer currently has a bug that will cause Site Backup to fail. If this is the case use  the Explorer View within the document, or other, library to move the content to a temporary location until the total size of the site is below 25Mb.
  3. Go to Site, Administration and select  Backup Web Site
  4. Select Inlcude Subsites if you require them to be included in the backup and click Ok.
  5. Enter the relevant filename and the location to save the backup to. Save.
  6. Once the backup is complete go to the PWA home page go to the Site Actions menu and select Create.
  7. Now select Sites and Workspaces.
  8. Once the New SharePoint Site page has appeared enter a title for the relocated workspace and the site name in the Web Site Address section.
  9. Next ensure that you select Blank Site as the Template Selection and your preferred settings for Permissions and Navigation Inheritance.
  10. Click on the Create button and your new empty site is created and your browser is redirected to it.
  11. Open SharePoint Designer for this new site
  12. Go to Site, Administration and select  Restore Web Site
  13. Locate the backup you made earlier and start the restore.
  14. Once the restore is complete in you browser return to the PWA home page and select Server Settings from the left navigation.
  15. Select Project Workspaces under the Operation Policies title.
  16. Locate and click on the project you have just relocated the workspace for  and then click on the Edit Site Address button in the tool bar at the top of the table.
  17. Enter the relative address for the newly relocated workspace and click on Ok.
  18. The workspace is now relocated and you can go to Central Administration and remove the Site Collection associated with the original migrated workspace (once you have tested the relocated workspace and confirmed the relocation worked of course).

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