Big Day to Treasure at the Lighthouse Church, Wollongong

Well the Lighthouse Church put on a wonderful Day to Treasure last Saturday (17th November) and or the first time this year we were teamed up to present with Leigh and Merri Roberts in our home town of Wollongong.

The Lighthouse Church meet in a lovely, recently renovated facility and have a fresh, dynamic staff who all participated in the event. With a few ‘rock-up and register’ couples on the day the event had a total of 73 attendees who would have been lost in the large auditorium if not for the brilliant idea of sectioning off a more intimate area, using decorated partitions, that we think aided in the buoyant, enjoyable atmosphere of the day.

Morning and afternoon tea were wonderful and complemented a delicious buffet lunch..
A variety of people attended with not only married couples but engaged couples as well. Not everyone was from the local area either with one couple having travelled down from Epping.
Right from the start the audience were responsive, attentive and clearly enjoying themselves and this continued throughout the day. Based on a quick check of the feedback forms the day had a big impact on many of the people in attendance.

I’ve uploaded a selection of photos from the day to my live space so if you’re interested have a look at the DTT Lighthouse Album.


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