Removing My Site functionality from PWA

We recently customised the workspace template for our Project Server 2007 implementation so that it no longer displayed the ‘My Site’ link at the top of the page and also vertically aligned the search fields to the bottom of the head area. Unfortunately, try as I might, I have been unable to find a way to safely modify the master page for the PWA home page. It sounds simple but PWA is configured to disallow editing via SharePoint Designer and if I upload a new master page to the Master Page Gallery and reset the default master to to the new one PWA breaks. I’ve even tried modifying the default.master and loading it as a new version over the old one. This is bad news and I strongly recommend NOT doing this as it broke PWA completely. In the end to get PWA working again I had to tell SharePoint to reset back to the original site definition for default.master.

I have worked out a much simpler and more effective way of removing the ‘My Site’ link than modifying the master page but I’m still working on how to successfully modify the PWA default.master page. Here is the process to turn off access to ‘My Site’ and if you wanted to the ‘My Links’.

  1. First, in order to follow these steps you will need administrator access to the SharePoint Central Administration site for your SharePoint installation.
  2. Go to the Central Administration Web Page
  3. Click on the link for Shared Services Administration
  4. If you have more than one SSP, select the one that is running the My Sites functionality for your PWA instance.
  5. Under "User Profiles and My Sites" click Personalization Services Permissions
  6. Select the group you want remove the My Site/Links functionality from.  In most cases this will simply be NTAuthority\Authenticated Users
  7. In the next screen you will see a list of checkboxes,
    1. To disable MySites uncheck "Create Personal Site"
    2. To disable MyLinks uncheck "Use Personal Features"

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