Issue and Risk Totals not appearing

We have recently noticed an interesting problem in our Project Server 2007 environment where when users visit the Issues and Risks page (issueriskcenter.aspx) under PWA they correctly see the projects listed for which they have issues and risks assigned to them but the totals all show a zero in the Active Postponed and Closed columns.
After investigating I found that this behaviour is caused by a customisation of the content of the status column used in the Issues and Risks lists that we implemented as part of our modifications to more consistently map to our legacy Project Server 2003 environment. We had changed the fields from ‘(1) Active’ to ‘1-Active’, ‘(2) Postponed’ to ‘2-Postponed’ etc.
If we change these back for all existing issues and risks then the Issues and Risks page immediately shows the correct number assigned to the user. It seems that MSFT have hard coded the value into the page and I’ve yet to find a way to manage or modify this.

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