A Wonderful day at Punchbowl Baptist Church, Saturday 17th of May

We teamed up with John and Heather Gale for the first time this year at Punchbowl Baptist Church to deliver our first ADTT for the year. Both John Gale and Karen had family links to the area which added a special connection for them with the audience.

Punchbowl Baptist Church is a real multicultural Church with a large number coming from Philippine background with attendees also coming from nearby Campsie Community Church and Moorebank Community Church. On the day the event had a total of 43 attendees who were a joy to share the day with.

Our host for the day, Maria Cailao, did a fabulous job organising the day and brought everything together to make it a smooth trouble free event. The smile on her face was just as big at the end of the day as it was at the start.

The fresh homemade morning and afternoon teas were delicious and a lovely team of ladies in the  kitchen prepared a big hot lunch which they served up individually for us.

A variety of people attended with not only married couples but engaged couples and a single gentleman from Youthworks as well. Not everyone was from the local area either with one couple having travelled down from the central coast and one lady travelling up from Kiama to attend with her fiancé. Attendance was made easier by the provision of childcare by the older youth of the Church in a building next door.

The audience were responsive, attentive and clearly enjoyed themselves. Project times were diligently followed with couples spread throughout the Church and the resource table, beautifully presented by Heather and Karen, was regularly visited by the couples.

We felt so welcomed and comfortable with many of those attending taking time out to chat and share with us. The whole day was a lovely experience and a joy to be a part of with Punchbowl Baptist Church. God was truly at work!


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