Various Notes from Claytons Course

I recently had the pleasure of attending a 2 day course run by Clayton James on Internet Web Content Management using Sharepoint Server 2007 prior to going to the TechEd08 conference.

Here are my scrawled notes transcribed to my blog. Mainly for my own benefit but you might find them useful too.

Use Fiddler to debug page size and composition of SharePoint pages and custom pages you will be including in your site. I had heard of this one but never got around to looking at it. Clayton demonstrated it and I’m sold. I’ll definitely be utilising it on my current project.

SharePoint designer has built in reports to validate against Accessibility standards and CSS standards.

Alternatively you can also utilise W3C validators for testing accessibility of pages

Check if IIS compression is switched on for performance improvement. Also investigate Output Caching

CAML – nope, not the 1 or 2 hump ship of the desert. I knew of CAML from Sharepoint 2003 but I never realised it is a Microsoft proprietary language! Some usefult tools Clayton mentioned for working with CAML were:

  • U2U CAML builder to access a list, identify columns, build ‘where’ clause, review results and generate a CAML query
  • CAML.Net as well.

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