Speaking at the Microsoft SharePoint Forum

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to get back here and update my blog but the exciting news is that I’m speaking at the Melbourne and Sydney Microsoft SharePoint Forum events. The Microsoft SharePoint Forum is an invitation only forum focused on how businesses can leverage their investment in Office and SharePoint. I am speaking with Microsoft staffer Brady Purdy on leveraging SharePoint with Project Server. Brad does about 10 minutes on the business value side of the story and I have a half hour to demonstrate how CSC has integrated, customised and enhanced these two products in combination.
The Melbourne event was yesterday and I had a disasterous start with my demonstration VM crashing just before I was to start my part of the presentation and my backup plan of using a VPN to connect to our internal development environment failing as well. I recovered the VM and later ran an abbreviated version of the demonstration. I’ll have more time to get set up at the Sydney event this Thursday so hopefully things will run a lot more smoothly 🙂

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