Day to Treasure events growing this year!

Demand for the A Day to Treasure marriage enrichment seminars is growing with quite a full schedule already booked in through to the end of this year. More and more I see the need for it with marriage breakdowns occurring with many people I associate with through work, sporting activities etc. so it is no surprise that demand is increasing. 1 day out of our busy lives to stop and reflect as a couple on where you’re at and how to improve your relationship is a small investment if it can stop your walking down the road to isolation and start you walking together towards oneness.

At the moment Karen and I are scheduled to speak on the 2nd of May at Bowral (in the Southern Highlands) and the 15th of August at Figtree (in Wollongong). We may also be speaking at Winmallee (out past Penrith) on the 25th of July. Both of the events we’re locked in for we will be teaming with Leigh and Merri Roberts again.

If you are interested in when and where Day to Treasure’s are being run you can find out and learn more about them at the OzFamilyLife site.


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