Southern Highlands DTT a highlight, Saturday 2nd May, 2009

Last Saturday, 2nd May, 2009, we teamed up with Leigh and Merri Roberts for the first time this year at the Southern Highlands Christian School, Bowral, to deliver our first ADTT for the year with the added bonus that the event was being hosted by another OzFamilyLife speaker couple, John and Heather Gale!

With 6oC temperatures earlier in the morning it turned out to be a gorgeous Autumn day on the highlands providing plenty of opportunity for attendees to spread out in the school grounds for their project time.

The 40 attendees were warm and responsive right from the start which made speaking at the event a blessing.

Heather and John did a fabulous job organising the day, assisted by their daughter Bronte, and brought everything together to make it a smooth trouble free event for everyone.

Heather’s homemade morning and afternoon teas were delicious and included handmade dark chocolate coated almonds. Lunch was catered by Subway with fresh grapes and strawberries to round out a lovely meal. Coffee and tea were provided but for those who wanted to lash out, a coffee van arrived on schedule to supply hot cappuccinos and lattes.

A variety of people attended with not only married couples but a few engaged and single couples participating as well. Not everyone was from the  local area either with one couple having travelled down from the central coast, two couples from Wollongong and one couple travelling up from Canberra to attend.

Feedback from the attendees from the end of the first session to the last was extremely positive and it was clear they enjoyed the talks and project times. The resource table, beautifully presented by Heather, was also very popular throughout the day.





Here are some more photos from the day…


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