SharePoint 2010 Information

Well, slowly but surely information is starting to dribble out from Microsoft about the next release of SharePoint.
Firstly it will no longer be called Microsoft Office SharePoint Server so we will no longer be able to use the term MOSS to describe the two server editions. Apparently the term ‘Office’ in the name caused some confusion in the marketplace so it has been dropped…it’s now simply Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. But before you start practicing the acronym MSS Microsoft have said that is official the acronym for Microsoft Search Server so we will have to think of somthing else. My guess is we will end up simply refer to it as SharePoint 2010.
The second piece of news just out is that it will only run on a 64-bit architecture. This means it will require Windows 2008 running on 64-bit AND 64-bit SQL Server 2008. The reasoning for this is the scalabiity and performance benefits of the 64-bit architecture. I imagine there will be more performance and scalability features announced over the rest of this year.
Thirdly, the development team are focusing on IE 7/8 and Firefox 3.x as the targeted standards based brosers. IE 6 will not be a supported browser.
For more information about the preliminary system requirements see the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog
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