Day 0 – Canberra to Wollongong Ride

We drove down today in preparation for the ride tomorrow. It was overcast and cold all the way down the Hume until we passed Goulburn and the sun came out. It was a bit of a shock to the system when we got out of the car at Trinity Christian School in Waniassa as the temperature was considerably colder than at home. To make us feel better Graham Best, the coordinator of the ride, told us the temperature stayed at about 2 degrees C in Canberra yesterday. At least it was warmer than that at 4:15pm today.

One of the stand outs for today was the sight of the wind farms across Lake George illuminated by the dropping sun. We’ll get to see them again tomorrow as we ride back in the other direction 🙂

As all elite athletes do the night before they start their big rides we ate up big a McDonalds for dinner.

We are sleeping in the cleared out gym of the school tonight and the kids love it as there is an enclosed basketball court attached so they’re all down there shooting hoops and kick soccer balls around.

At least its well heated!

Tomorrow sees us on the longest leg of the ride. 100kms from here to Goulburn. I wonder how cold it will be in the morning?


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