Illawarra Day to Treasure this weekend!

Our second Day to Treasure for the year, this Saturday 15th August, will be the first and most likely the last for this year in the Illawarra. The big bonus for Karen and I this time is that it is our home Church, Figtree Anglican, that is hosting the event so we wont have far to go and we will know a lot of the people who attend. Registrations close tomorrow afternoon and currently we have around 24 couples registered. Not the largest we’ve ever spoken at but a good number all the same. Being at our home Church this time we have been a lot more involved in the organisation of the event as well which adds a whole new dimension to the lead up to the day.

It looks like our next DTT will be at Baulkham Hills Baptist on the 5th of September with Peter and Lyn Menhennitt

A full list of the currently scheduled DTT events is available here.


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