SharePoint 2010 Ignite Training

Microsoft are offering Developer and Implementor training for SharePoint 2010 to SI partners in limited locations around the world through the remainder of this year. Microsoft are also requiring that you have completed a SharePoint Server certification exam relevant to the Pro or Dev course to be able to attend.

Ignite training starts in September 2009:

Ignite IT Pro Ignite Dev
SOLD OUT! – US: Atlanta

Sept 21-25

Sept 28- Oct 2

SOLD OUT! – US: Dallas

Oct 26-30

Oct 12-16


Nov 2-6

Nov 2-6


Nov 16-20

Nov 16-20


Dec 7-11

Dec 14– 18


Unfortunately there none close to those of us in Australia so its very unlikely that I will be able to get to any of these but for others that might be interested have a look at the following page..

As it is by invitation only you will need work for an SI paartner and then to find someone in your organisation to nominate you to Microsoft to get invited.


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