Another Gartner analysis of SharePoint 2010 from the ECM point of view

Just read another analyst (Gartner) article on SharePoint. This sort of material is always useful when pulling together a pre-sales presentation or to have in the back of your mind in discussions with customers. Here is an excerpt from the article for more details on Gartner’s analysis visit the link at the bottom of this comment.

"Microsoft evolves SharePoint in the 2010 release to include richer content management functionality. Gartner expects it to compete increasingly in the traditional high-end content management market."

Key Findings

  • SharePoint 2010 remains a horizontal content management offering. Microsoft does not appear to be targeting vertical applications or transactional (fixed) content management with this release, but rather more collaborative processes and dynamic content applications.
  • This release promises improved scalability and better support for broad enterprise deployments.
  • Enterprises will be better able to govern their SharePoint deployments if new features, such as policy-based information management, prove robust and effective.
  • SharePoint 2010 provides a more intuitive user interface. The range of information workers who can consume and use content management therefore continues to increase, blurring more completely the distinction between user and administrator.


  • Existing SharePoint (Windows SharePoint Services [WSS] or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server [MOSS] 2007) customers should plan for eventual migration to SharePoint 2010, although the time frame will vary based on enterprise needs and risk aversion.
  • Unless enterprises have pressing needs, Gartner recommends waiting until the first service pack for SharePoint 2010 is released.
  • Organizations looking to SharePoint to support large volumes of static content or transactional processes will find their needs better met through partner-built solutions extending SharePoint or competing enterprise content management (ECM) offerings.
  • Understand the broader investments you may need to make for SharePoint 2010, as it will be available only with a 64-bit architecture and will require other Microsoft components.
  • Test third-party applications/Web Parts that may need to be integrated for compatibility.

SharePoint 2010 Steps Up to the ECM Plate, 26th February 2010


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