Firefox support in SharePoint 2010 lacking

We have been doing some simple testing of various browsers that Microsoft indicates are supported by SharePoint 2010 and came across some interesting ‘issues’. Of particular interest was the fact that from Firefox if you browse to a document library and select the Upload menu from the ribbon the Upload Multiple Documents item is unavailable and if you pass the cursor over it you receive a dialog explaining “This control is currently disabled” e.g.

Perform in exactly the same action using exactly the same account under IE displays the Upload Multiple Documents item in the enabled state so it has nothing to do with permissions as suggested in the dialog.

After hunting around I found that I’m not the only one to notice this and although I haven’t verified all of them yet the following seems to be a list of SharePoint 2010 features that don’t work under Firefox:

  1. There is no pass-through authentication for the Firefox browser. When you log into the network on your PC each morning using Microsoft’s Active Directory, your credentials are cached. When you browse to your SharePoint site in Internet Explorer, your cached credentials are passed through to the Microsoft Office SharePoint server, and you don’t have to log in twice. If, however, you use another browser, there is no pass-through authentication. This just means you’ll have to give your credentials again when you log into SharePoint with Firefox.
  2. Firefox does not have upload multiple files at once into a document library capability
    If you have multiple files (for example, in a folder on your H: drive) that need to be moved over to a SharePoint document library, it will be more efficient to use Internet Explorer. When you upload documents, there is a choice to Upload Mutliple Documents that is not available in Firefox.
  3. Firefox doesn’t give you the option to view your document library in Windows Explorer
    This feature is another handy way to click and drag files quickly from one document li.brary to another. If you are comfortable using Windows Explorer, you may want to use Internet Explorer so that you can take advantage of this feature.
  4. Using Firefox 3.6.6 I was able to see and use the create a new document functionality but apparently in earlier versions there is no option to create a new document from within the SharePoint document library.
    In order to create a new document, you’ll have to open up Microsoft Word, save the document elsewhere, and then upload the document in SharePoint. In Internet Explorer, you can create a new document within the document library, and clicking on the New Document option will open an instance of Word in SharePoint and the document will be saved by default into the document library.
  5. Clicking on a spreadsheet link doesn’t automatically open Excel
    In Firefox, opening a spreadsheet in Excel is not integrated. You will have to specify that you want to open the file with Excel, and check a box to have Firefox do it for you forever after.
  6. Exporting a list to spreadsheet view is not available in the Calendar
  7. Adding Web Parts won’t display properly
    Site Actions> Edit Page > Advanced Gallery of Options doesn’t display because the pop-up window can’t pop-up

9/07/2010 – I have now found an official list of known issues with the various browsers that are officially supported by MIcrosoft. The information can be found in the following TechNet article

12/07/2010 – Further to my earlier posts ont he subject of FireFox and SharePoint 2010 I’ve since heard on the OzMOSS mailing list that FireFox 4 has greatly improved functionality/support for SharePoint 2010 features so if the issues with 3.6 and earlier are show stoppers for you then you might like to consider moving to 4.


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