Problems Caused by IE Developer Toolbar

I’ve had a shocker of a time over the last day or so after I installed the IE Developer Toolbar on my new Windows 7 64bit laptop. I had been trying to debug some issues with a custom SharePoint list form and having used the toolbar on my old laptop to great benefit and with no problems have no hesitation installing it on my new one.

I downloaded the latest version (1.00.2189.0) and proceeded to investigate the issue with cascading styles in my page. The first problem that I started encountering was that some web sites (unrelated to the SharePoint customisation I was looking into) would simply hang. This seemed to get progressively worse to the point where I would have to restart the browser.

Next Microsoft Word 2010 started to intermittently hit problems and close down. Again this got progressively worse until everytime I tried to open a document (both .doc and .docx) Word wouldn’t even open it before  the error dialog appeared and off it went on its merry way trying to work out what went wrong, notify Microsoft and then close down.

Thinking that it could be related to the installation of the developer toolbar I reluctantly uninstalled it and restarted Windows. This seemed to fix the issues with the browser hanging but Word still wouldn’t open documents so I tried doing a Repair of the installation of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional to see if this would fix the issues with Word. After completing the repair and restarting things seemed to be ok and I was able to work on a document review for a few hours last night.

BUT, when I logged in this morning and opened up a Word document I was immediately hit with the problem again. DOH!!!

As a last resort I reverted to the restore point prior to the installation of the IE Developer Toolbar and restarted Windows. This seems to have worked and I have been able to work on various Word documents and in IE without problems since. In my books this confirms without a doubt that the installation of the IE Developer Toolbar on my system was the cause of all these problems. From now on I’ll limit its use to my development server VM’s where I haven’t encountered this problem before.


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