Problem logging on to Gmail – resolved

For a few months now I’ve been having a frustrating problem with Gmail for no apparent reason. I had been using IE 9 for a while with no issues accessing Gmail when suddenly, whenever I logged in from IE9 on my laptop the login process seemed to get stuck cycling between  two different sites ( and The password wasn’t the problem as I could still login to iGoogle and Google+. Also, if I used a different computer or my Windows Mobile phone I could still access my emailI investigated a number of potential issues suggested by Google and on some blogs such as Firewall products interfereing, rogue plug-ins etc. but none of these were the cause of my problem. Thankfully I could still use my phone to access Gmail but it’s not the most effective or effeicient method of reading and responding to email 🙂

Just the other day I decided to have another crack at solving the problem. After poking aroud a bit I discovered that whilst was set as a trusted site was not. After configuring IE9 to recognise as a trusted site I was once again able to access Gmail.

I’m not sure if Google changed the way things worked behind the scenes at some point or maybe some new group policy was enforced on my work laptop but whatever the reason at least I now know the solution.

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