Browser icon for your SharePoint site?

I’m sure as you’ve browsed the web you’ve noticed more and more sites now have their own icon associated (called a favicon) with them both within the browser address bar and when you save the site address as a bookmark/favourite or onto you desktop for example this WordPress site…

Ever wondered how you can set this up for your own SharePoint site? There are a couple of options.

The first, and more technically elegant option, is to modify the base master page used by your site (probably v4.master) or create your own custom master page. In either case you will need to add the equivalent following line to the master page just before the closing head (</head>) tag.

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/SiteImages /favicon.ico" />

The second option, which I used successfully, is based on the assumption you are using SharePoint Solution packages to deploy to your server. In this case simply add a deployment module to deploy files to the Images folder and deploy your favicon.ico file over the top of the existing one. Of course I copied the original and set it up to deploy as favicon-backup.ico so I have the option to roll back the change at a later date.

If you are trying to test this you will probably need to clear your browsers cache and do an iisreset on the server to ensure that you are getting the newest favicon.ico file rather than one which has been cached somewhere along the line.

Need to create your own Icon?

If you want to create you own custom favicon.ico file you can try this free utility site which will allow you to load a image, edit it and save it for free.

Want to use an icon that already exists on a web site?

Apart from the potential copyright issues with copying any form of media it is possible to ‘reuse’ an existing site icon. This is the approach I used and in my case I was copying the as part of a project that provided the right to use the required media files. The process to copy an existing site icon is:

  1. Copy The URL from the site that has the Favicon, Example :
  2. Follow this link to
  3. Enter the URL of the site in the bar at the top of the GetFavicon website and click Get Favicon.
  4. You will now be shown the favicon and the image URL
  5. Right Click on the favicon image URL and copy the link location for use or click on the link to view the ico file and save it to local disk.

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