Add new item link not appearing

We have noticed an unusual artefact on some lists after upgrading a SharePoint 2007 site to 2010. The “+ Add new item” link that, in SharePoint 2010, appears at the bottom of a list display does not appear on some lists but does on others. I did some investigation of this and all I can suggest is that it seems to be an artefact of the migration process. If you create a new view on the list it will have the  “+ Add new item” link even when the other views don’t. New lists created under 2010 will always have it. I can’t see the exact reason as to why this occurs on some migrated lists and not others but if you follow this process you can get it to reappear:

  1. Go to the list that is lacking the link
  2. Select the view that doesn’t have the link appearing
  3. Select Edit Page from the Site Action menu
  4. Edit the list web part properties
  5. Note the current Toolbar setting
  6. Change the Toolbar setting and click Apply. Any selection other than No Toolbar should cause the link to appear after you click Apply.
  7. Reset the Toolbar setting to that noted  in 5 and click Apply again. The link should be appearing correctly.
  8. If you need to do this for additional views on the list select the view from the Selected View pull down menu and repeat steps 5 to 7 for each view.
  9. When complete click the OK button and then click the Stop Editing button in the page ribbon.


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5 responses to “Add new item link not appearing

  1. Sindia

    Is there any way to do this programatically if we know the view name and list name?

    • I never pursued this any further than the manual rectification approach so I don’t have a code based solution. I’m sure it would be possible to modify the properties programmatically but I can’t say whether the approach would fix the issue. Let me know if you try it. I’d be interested tohear how you go.

  2. Sindia

    Well, modifying it via code doesn’t work. The toolbar setting does get changed but the ‘Add new item” link doesn’t appear. Copying the exisitng view and creating a new view based on it using code works.

  3. Robin Johnson

    You just saved my day!

  4. Larry

    Still useful in 2014.

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