Report Data tab not appearing in VS2010

Hit an interesting problem today whilst trying to use Visual Studio 2010 to build a report (.rdl). Here is the background and the solution.

I started out by creating a fresh Report Server Project. Next I added a Shared Data Source and then a set of Shared Datasets for use in the reports I’m planning on building. With the plumbing in place I added a new item under the Reports folder and selected Report (not Report Wizard) to provide a blank canvas on which to build the report.

Being very familiar with building reports in Report Builder from SharePoint I was baffled as to why Visual Studio didn’t display a Report Data tab anywhere. I looked logn and hard within Visual Studion but could not find any indication of how to turn it on. A brief search on youTube showed me that I wasn’t unreasonable in expecting a Report Data tab to be present as the videos I looked at all had it visible on the left side of the Visual Studio IDE either below or tab alongside the Toolbox tab.

After some investigation I still don’t know why its not appearing in my IDE or why I can’t find it within the GUI but it turns out as with nearly everything in Visual Studio there is a keyboard shortcut for switching it on and off.

The ‘Show Report Data Pane’ keyboard shortcut to switch on the Report Data tab/pane is: CTRL+ALT+D

N.B. Apparently the solution to this problem through the IDE is to go to the Data menu and choose Show Data Sources. The Data menu option doesn’t appear for me 😦


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