SharePoint app icon and version different in Site Contents to ‘add an app’ area

I recently deployed a new version of a provider host SharePoint app that updated the app icon and the app name. Whilst the deployment was successful and I could see the new name and icon in the ‘add an app’ area of team sites the appearance of the app as it exists in the Site Contents had not changed. When a new team site is created this custom app is pre-provisioned on the site so the user doesn’t have to add it themselves. Because of this I thought maybe the change would only occur for new teams sites that are created so I created one to check. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and the original default icon and old app name were still associated. I also noticed that the version was not correct but strangely, if I clicked through from the app to the app details page it showed the correct details for the new version, the name was correct and the new app icon was displayed.

After working through some possible reason I found that whilst the app had been deployed I hadn’t been to the app catalog for and allowed it to push out the update.

To do this I went to the app site for the SharePoint tenant (e.g.  <tenant url>/sites/apps) and then went to the Site Contents. Here I found a note under the app “An update for this app is available.” with a link on the word update. I then clicked through the update link. Here I found that whilst the “Add It” button was disabled SharePoint was recognising a new version was available and providing a button titled “Get It” (shown below).updateAppSnapAfter clicking on the Get It button I was asked to verify the trust in the app which I did and once I returned to an existing team site and refreshed the Site Contents view found that the icon, name and version details were all updated to the new values.



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