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Free ‘second shot’ on Microsoft Cert Exams is back!

From today (5th January 2015) until the end of May this year Microsoft is once again offering those wishing to sit a Microsoft Certification Exam a second shot at passing the exam if they fail the first time around.

There are of course conditions associated with the offer but these are clear and reasonable such as booking the retake within 30 days of sitting the first attempt.

Full details can be found at the Microsoft Born To Learn blog


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Second Shot at passing your Certification Exams on offer again!

You may not be aware of it but Microsoft are again offereing their ‘second shot free’ deal for Microsoft certification exams. Here’s how it works:

  1. Order a Second Shot Voucher at:
  2. Schedule you initial certifcation exam using the voucher at:
  3. Take your exam
  4. If you don’t pass the exam at first, simply register for free to retake the exam using the same voucher number.

The Second Shot deal is available for the regular-priced individual Microsoft technical exams with a prefix of 070 or 071, and for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification exams administered through Prometric.

The Second Shot offer is available until May 31, 2014.

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November 1, 2013 · 10:47 am

Problem logging on to Gmail – resolved

For a few months now I’ve been having a frustrating problem with Gmail for no apparent reason. I had been using IE 9 for a while with no issues accessing Gmail when suddenly, whenever I logged in from IE9 on my laptop the login process seemed to get stuck cycling between  two different sites ( and The password wasn’t the problem as I could still login to iGoogle and Google+. Also, if I used a different computer or my Windows Mobile phone I could still access my emailI investigated a number of potential issues suggested by Google and on some blogs such as Firewall products interfereing, rogue plug-ins etc. but none of these were the cause of my problem. Thankfully I could still use my phone to access Gmail but it’s not the most effective or effeicient method of reading and responding to email 🙂

Just the other day I decided to have another crack at solving the problem. After poking aroud a bit I discovered that whilst was set as a trusted site was not. After configuring IE9 to recognise as a trusted site I was once again able to access Gmail.

I’m not sure if Google changed the way things worked behind the scenes at some point or maybe some new group policy was enforced on my work laptop but whatever the reason at least I now know the solution.

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MMS stopped working in Windows Media Player

A month or two ago for no apprent reason MMS support (streaming media) stopped working in Windows Media Player (WMP). Whenever I tried to go to a media stream such as mms://  I would receive the following error message…

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified protocol is not supported.
If you typed a URL in the Open URL dialog box, try using a different transport protocol (for example, "http:" or "rtsp:").

I’m currently on WMP version 11 and MMS had been working since I received my new laptop a year ago. I can’t see any reason why this occurred, such as applying a hotfix or service pack, and all the obvious settings in WMP for MMS are switched on. The same thing happened on my old laptop and I gave up trying to find a solution as apparently, if you do some searching/reading, MMS isn’t supported anymore anyway.

Well it looks like I’ve found a solution after stubling across this Microsoft Support article. I ran the following steps and its working again…

Step 1. Start a CMD window with elevated privileges. If you don’t start it as Administrator you’ll receive the error “The module ‘wmnetmgr.dll’ was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x8002801c” when you run step 2.
Step 2. Enter regsvr32 wmnetmgr.dll
Step 3. Click OK on the regsvr32 window that pops up.
Step 4. Start WMP and the MMS stream will now work…it does for me anyway 🙂

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I’m now a Thawte Web of Trust Notary

As of this morning I have satisfied the criteria required to qualify as a Thawte Web of Trust Notary.

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No February Wollongong .NET User Group Meeting

Unfortunately it looks like we will not be running the WDNUG meeting tonight as half the members are travelling up to the one off (they usually meet on the 3rd Wednesday so they don’t conflict with WDNUG) Sydney .NET User Group meeting on WCF with special overseas guest Juval Lowy. The other half seem to have romantic aspirations given that today is Valentines day! Where are peoples priorities

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No January .NET User Group Meeting

As most of our regular members are taking a well earned break at this time of year there will be no WDNUG meeting run during January. It is still being decided whether we will meet in February.
Next year get ready for some Vista and 2007 presentations. Adam Emerton and Phil Hogdson have been involved in Microsoft’s Communittee Launch program and based on the conversations I’ve had with them recently there is gong to be some really neat stuff they would like to present to the group early next year.

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