SharePoint app icon and version different in Site Contents to ‘add an app’ area

I recently deployed a new version of a provider host SharePoint app that updated the app icon and the app name. Whilst the deployment was successful and I could see the new name and icon in the ‘add an app’ area of team sites the appearance of the app as it exists in the Site Contents had not changed. When a new team site is created this custom app is pre-provisioned on the site so the user doesn’t have to add it themselves. Because of this I thought maybe the change would only occur for new teams sites that are created so I created one to check. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and the original default icon and old app name were still associated. I also noticed that the version was not correct but strangely, if I clicked through from the app to the app details page it showed the correct details for the new version, the name was correct and the new app icon was displayed.

After working through some possible reason I found that whilst the app had been deployed I hadn’t been to the app catalog for and allowed it to push out the update.

To do this I went to the app site for the SharePoint tenant (e.g.  <tenant url>/sites/apps) and then went to the Site Contents. Here I found a note under the app “An update for this app is available.” with a link on the word update. I then clicked through the update link. Here I found that whilst the “Add It” button was disabled SharePoint was recognising a new version was available and providing a button titled “Get It” (shown below).updateAppSnapAfter clicking on the Get It button I was asked to verify the trust in the app which I did and once I returned to an existing team site and refreshed the Site Contents view found that the icon, name and version details were all updated to the new values.



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Provider Hosted App Error – Invalid issuer or signature

I was recently redeploying a provider hosted SharePoint app from development to production. I had completed the app component of the deployment but hadn’t made any changes to the web component. The updates to the SharePoint app, in this case a new icon image and more meaningful app title, were successfully deployed and I could see them. I was able to add the app to a site with no problems but when I tried to run the app and was redirected to the azure web site I received the following error:

                 System.IdentityModel.Tokens.SecurityTokenException: Invalid issuer or signature

For the life of me I could sort out what had happened to cause this error or how to fix it as everything seemed to have worked correctly with the deployment.

Eventually I worked out what had happened. I had deployed the app from development to production but had not corrected the Client Id and Client secret to the values that had previously been generated for production. This meant that when the user was redirected to the production azure web site the client details in SharePoint, in this case from development, did not match those configured into the associated Azure web site and the end result was the above error. Once I returned to the visual studio solution and corrected the Client Id/Secret in the web.config and the publishing profile and deployed a new version of the app component the issue was successfully resolved.

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Free ‘second shot’ on Microsoft Cert Exams is back!

From today (5th January 2015) until the end of May this year Microsoft is once again offering those wishing to sit a Microsoft Certification Exam a second shot at passing the exam if they fail the first time around.

There are of course conditions associated with the offer but these are clear and reasonable such as booking the retake within 30 days of sitting the first attempt.

Full details can be found at the Microsoft Born To Learn blog

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My new Action Camera

I’ve been looking at purchasing a ‘Action Camera’ for a while for recording during my frequent rides. I dipped my toe in the water and had a ‘lipstick’ camera mounted on my helmet for a short time about a 18 months ago. It was small and light but didn’t have the battery life to last more than an hour and resolution was lower than SD. The resolution wasn’t a huge issue given I really only wanted it to capture those occasions when ‘stuff’ happens. The battery life meant that the ‘lipstick’ camera wasn’t much use so I returned it and got my money back as the advertised battery life was significantly different to reality.
Since then I’ve been watching what’s available  and have looked at what I saw as the main contenders – Go Pro, Garmin Virb and the Shimano Sport Camera  CM-1000. I’ve never really been a fan of the Go Pro for bike applications due to its size and the horizontal mount profile so the Garmin and the Shimano with their horizontal profile where the main contenders for me.
  • It is the smallest and lightest of the cameras,
  • Fully waterproof to 10 meters without an additional casing (meets the IPX-8 Waterproof Standard – the best rating for electronics experiencing continuous underwater use). I think the Virb was IPX-7 which covers incidental splashing and brief immersion)
  • can be set to super wide 180 degree or standard 135 degree video capture. Whilst riding I use the 180 degree setting
  • comes with a 16Gb memory card,
  • has wifi connectivity to mobile devices (IOS and Android) to allow live views, video playback, remote adjustments to camera settings and shot framing.
  • has ANT/ANT+ integration which enables the device to record data from your heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensors and create video with this data displayed. The software to do the video/data merge was due to be release last month but I haven’t seen it on the Shimano site yet. Here is a sample of what its supposed to look like
  • the mounting system is identical to the Go Pro so if I decide to buy additional mounts or expand my use of it I wont have any trouble finding a mount to suit my needs

Here is a video that whilst fishing based explains the features of the camera very well..

Shimano Fishing UK – Sports Camera CM-1000

Here are some examples of the video captured using a Shimano Sports Camera at the recent Tour of California…

Jens Voigt at the Tour of California

88km Descent at the Tour of California

Last 3km of Stage 8 of the Tour of California



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SharePoint 2013 Sales Specialist

Great news. I just successfully compeleted the Microsoft Partner Network course and exam for the Pre-sales Technical Specialist qualification. So the correct title is Microsoft Sales Specialist: Collaboration, Content Management and Search. Here is the associated official logo…


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Time to update certifications

SharePoint 2013 has been out a year now and next week I’m off to attend a 5 day training course on Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions.

Given 2013 has been out a year and I’m getting a rare chance to attend some training I think it is also time to step up and bite the bullet regarding my SharePoint certifications so I’m currently planning on sitting the Core Solutions (70-488) certification exam a few weeks after the training and then follow that up with the Advanced solutions (70-489) exams after that. If I can successfully pass both of these then I will only need to do the Programming HTML5 (70-480) exam and the ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications (70-486) exams and I would have my Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: SharePoint Applications certification.

So the planned path is:

  1. Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions (70-488)
  2. Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions  (70-489)
  3. Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3  (70-480)
  4. Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications (70-486)

Not necessarily the order Microsoft suggests you do these certifications but I think if I am going to do any I want to do the SharePoint based ones first.

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How to avoid cell merging when exporting to Excel in SSRS 2008

Have you had problems with merged cells in excel exports from Reporting Services reports? I have so I did some hunting around and found some information that looks like its solved my problem.

Add this post and the information at the following MSDN blog and you should have your problems with merged cells in excel exports from Reporting Services reports nailed.

Ed Spencer's Blog

Lets be completely direct here. Cell merging in Sql Server Reporting services after exporting to Excel, is a common nightmare.

It happens because the engine that transforms the report tries to do so on a presentation basis.

I have been developing reports in SSRS for a few years now, and here are the best ways around the issue that I have found:

1. Don’t use standalone textboxes for titles, or any non-data elements.
Rather than fiddle with these for hours trying to get them to line up, just insert another row or two as headers above your data driven report element (e.g. table). You can then play with the presentation of the cells to make it look like it isn’t part of the same table. This can be done by colouring certain borders white to give the impression that there is nothing there.

2. Use points and not centimetres when…

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