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SharePoint 2013 Preview Available for download!


In the last couple of days Microsoft have released the Preview version, read first beta, of the next edition of SharePoint. Some are calling it SharePoint 2013 others SharePoint 15 (SP15). I’m not sure what its officially called by Microsoft yet but there seem to be lots of nice enhancements and new features included. Mobile device support is one of things that seems to have received some attention which is not surprising considering how prevalent they are within most organisations these days.

The core hardware/software requirements are basically the same as 2010 from what I can see except that the underlying SQL Server can no longer be 2005 or the base SQL Server 2008. It must be SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1.

I’m loading up a VM with the software stack and going to have a look see at it as I get time and will update my blog on my findings.


If you want to download the preview software image for the Server or  SharePoint Designer or have a look at some of the Ignite SP15 training modules have a look at the following address:

Download Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Preview


SharePoint Designer 2013


SharePoint 2013: presentation: IT pro training


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